Notes on The Future of Experiential Marketing™

At XMC, we believe in the power of Experiential Marketing™ even more strongly than when we trademarked the term 20 years ago. But before we look forward to what’s next, let’s revisit what Experiential Marketing ™ truly means and reveal why we staked our professional careers on a formerly unproven concept.

What is Experiential Marketing ™

We define Experiential Marketing ™ as the immersive process of enabling consumers to experience brands in a personal and memorable way. Did we consult Wikipedia before sharing this definition with you? No! We wrote the definition based on over 100 combined years’ experience by XMC’s senior team in this space.

Why Experiential Marketing ™

Sure we took a chance when we launched an agency dedicated to Experiential Marketing ™. But it wasn’t a total flyer. The principals of XMC had had their share of success with experience based marketing programs in the past and knew how transformative they could be. Moreover, it became clear a decade ago that marketers were desperate to increase their ROI and shift away from traditional media spend. The results were clear: increased brand awareness, increased product trial, increased drive to retail, sales growth, brand loyalty, enhanced profitability and simply put, success.

What’s Next For Experiential Marketing ™

As the team at XMC continues to grow, from local Toronto upstart to full-fledged national agency with over 60 full time employees, we continue to redefine what it means to be Canada’s Official Experiential Marketing ™ Agency. Our rise can be attributed to the expanded importance of Experiential Marketing ™ in the minds (and budgets) of market leaders and challengers of all stripes. So what’s next? Check out our executive summary of Experiential Marketing ™ Trends on the horizon as we approach 2020:

XMC’s 2020 Experiential Marketing ™ Trends – Executive Summary

  1. Digital Experiential Marketing ™ to Thrive – immersive brand experiences will find and engage consumers where they are…online.
  2. Accountability takes Centre Stage – get ready to do math: cost per lead, cost per acquisition, cost per impression, cost per…you get the idea.
  3. Bump up the Hard Costs – as this space gets more active, brands will have to enhance their experiences to excite and incent consumers.

 Experiential Marketing ™ = Great Staff + Great Experience + Amplified Reach

  1. National Programs trump local Activations – with the increased costs in hardware, digital integration and immersive set ups, national programs will explode to amortize hard costs.
  2. Its Raining Training – pretty faces handing out samples just won’t cut it. Brand Ambassadors will become experts in company history, product evolution and be able to display an authentic connection with brands, products, services and attributes.
  3. Agencies Become Partners – the notion of third party agencies fade as true partnerships form between companies and their experiential marketing ™ team.
  4. Strategy First – Companies will rely on their Agency Partners more than ever before to develop strategies that drive ROI. Execution Agencies will either be acquired by the smart thinkers or fade away.

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