Driving Sales and Brand Value Through Engagement, Education and Incentives

Why Field Marketing

Understand how effective Field Marketing can help you win at retail through a potent mix of conversion based marketing tactics.


Our unique approach to earning the purchase, through a strategic framework and suite of services to collaboration and objectives based thinking.


A full breakdown of our Field Marketing services, from Channel Execution, Market Sensing, Training and Events, to Sell Through Analysis, and more.


Check out an example of some of Canada’s best companies that we’ve had the opportunity to work with, creating Field Marketing excellence and results.

Why Field Marketing?


Winning at retail and owning your customers' 'moment of truth' requires a potent mix of product, packaging, placement and promotion. It's true - but often brands miss out on the opportunity to shape customer thinking and conversion through retail sales associate (RSAs) engagement. As Canada's official Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing™ agency, we work with our clients to develop immersive Field Sales Marketing programs that engage, educate and inspire RSAs to recommend and assist with the sale of product priorities.

XMC executes more than 45,000 store visits, training and sales events annually, across the country. Great Field Marketing programs demand solid planning. It requires creative problem solvers and forward thinkers with practical, hands-on experience. With regional (bilingual) managers across the country, and hundreds of hand-picked and rigorously trained Field Sales Reps and temporary promoters at the ready, XMC delivers strong results at every turn.



Whether it’s in-store sales assists, organizing trade events, deploying temporary promoters or even talent recruitment and management - everything we offer is governed by a methodical process. It’s how we bring rigor to the business, inspire confidence and exceed expectations.

XMC works collaboratively with our clients to identify business needs, objectives and market insights that help define our program. We believe in providing turnkey solutions supported by proprietary tools and analytics that build confidence and move our clients forward. Whether it’s elevated sales, increased recommendations and consumer brand awareness, loyalty, or even share of shelf and market, we listen, align and make it happen.

Field Sales / Marketing Insights

The Right

Impact at Store

Work the

Over communicate
and validate


The Right Talent

It’s critical that your Field Sales Representatives and Brand Ambassadors embody the following target-right characteristics:
  • Sales and training experience; industry knowledge; independent; detail-oriented; self-motivated; relationship-builders
  • Business Unit compatibility: an understanding of the consumer target market, retailer requirements and in-store focus
  • Regional dynamics: they’re well-versed in local cultures, practice and travel demands
  • Health and safety training: the ability to activate safely and adhere to XMC's COVID-19 Staffing Protocols

Delivering Impact at Store

Field Sales Reps can shape the customer’s ‘moment of truth’ or in-store experience. Working with RSAs and vendors, we can gain share of floor, monitor in-store compliance and ensure pricing / product promotions are carried out effectively and efficiently. It’s critical to understand the consumer value proposition of your products and how to effectively communicate it to RSAs in a way that translates into a willingness to buy-in and sell-through. Productive store-level relationships and sales results are also aided by impactful and memorable executions including specialty events, contests and product demonstrations.

Work the Numbers

Analytics drives everything. The ability to access sell-through data helps shape meaningful strategy and should define all retail priorities and executions. On a macro-level, program efficiencies and opportunities can also be uncovered through data. For example, geo-tagging plays a critical role in the development of store lists, rotation frequency, quality control, trend and cost/benefit analysis.

Over Communicate and Validate

Real-time communication and the sharing of insights and best practices is essential. Understanding the stakeholder group and how to escalate timely market opportunities (e.g.: price, contests, seeding programs and sales events) can be the difference between winning and losing.


A Field Sales Marketing program is a living, breathing organism. It’s the frontline eyes and ears of the brand and it’s value proposition is defined by the ability to observe, adapt and deliver qualifiable ROI.


Priority Account Support
Sales, Demo Days, Training, Merchandising, Installations
Channel Relationships
Premium, Open, Honest, Engaging, Value Based
Channel Execution
Training, Merchandising, POP Compliance, Data / Insights, Reporting
Market Sensing
Landscape, Insights, Competitive Info, Opportunities
Training / Events
In-store / P2P, Virtual, Regional, National, Demo, Roadshows
Sales Assist, KPIs, Increase Shelf & Market Share, ROI



The evaluation of results is fundamental to our clients’ success. XMC provides relevant, timely and accurate measurement expertise that informs strategic business decisions. We take a scalable approach and can evolve our platform to fit any client’s needs

Through an upfront collaboration and ongoing review process, we help design what field marketing and shopper marketing success looks like through relevant and measurable KPIs. ROI can be measured through sell-through rates, share of shelf, recommendation rates, number of store visits, number of sales reps trained, store event participation, POP compliance and audit scores, in-store sales assist programs, and much more.