Redefining Field Marketing in the New Economy


As technology continues to advance in both consumer lifestyles and everyday business, the flow of information moves at a faster pace. How we cut through the clutter, decipher the information and make better choices, is what ultimately empowers us in this New Economy.

Maybe you are consumer looking for information on a new product or service; where to buy, the best price, the reviews of others that have purchased before you, or simply to engage with others you know through social media and get their opinion. The access we have today is incredible.

The other end of this spectrum are the many brands and businesses that attempt to get ahead of this Path to Purchase, and offer experiences and information that is timely, relevant and ultimately influential on the final purchase decision. Those that do this well have an advantage over others that fail.

– Some of our clients –

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We see both sides on a daily basis. We are continuously creating engagement strategies that offer consumers and businesses an opportunity to win together, to share opinions, listen and respond to new information, adjust, and move down the path of winning together more often. This is the New Economy in our minds.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, consumers and businesses are constantly on the move, opinions changing, preferences wavering, which ultimately results in daily wins or losses. As marketers, we add these daily wins and losses up at the end of the month, quarter and year, and our KPIs speak for themselves. Did we win, or did we lose?

– National Tour Example: Under Armour –

Our Field Marketing team brings this seemingly simple, yet highly complex task to life, each and every day. Your KPIs are our KPIs. Your definition of success, is our definition of success. Sure, we may challenge you, suggest alternative ways of thinking, recommend strategic options, but ultimately if you win, we win.

XMC Field Marketing understands the Path to Purchase. We understand the touch points, where purchase decisions are won or lost, the impact the channel has on the final purchase, and employ this in all that we do.

Everything starts with a conversation, an understanding of your needs and reality. That’s where we begin.

From there, Strategy Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Channel Integration, Activation and Amplification, Fulfillment and Measurement, and finally Optimization to improve the program going forward. A model we’ve refined and employed with many of Canada’s top brands.

So we invite you to get to know us, what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for today. If you like what you see, let’s start that conversation. It’s as simple as an email, a phone call, or leaving a comment on our website.

We’d love a chance to help you win more often.

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Our Core Field Marketing Services:

  • Product Launches, Sampling and Influencer Engagement Programs
  • Shopper Marketing, Market Sensing, Retail Audits
  • Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition
  • Retail Training and Consumer Education
  • Retail Sales Assist and Demo Days
  • Staffing and Sales Events
  • Measurement and Analytics