It started with the desire to do something better… to do it differently.

The marketing world is changing and XMC’s model is built to adapt to a dynamic marketplace.

The lines between sponsorship, consumer and business marketing and both traditional and digital media have blurred, demanding seamless integration and execution of ROI-focused marketing programs. The strategic use of the right solutions is critical for our clients to rise above the clutter and the competition.

We’re not just an agency, we’re your partner.

Experiential Marketing™ is our trademarked process for engaging, connecting, and successfully integrating the elements of a turnkey marketing solution. Since 2006, the founders and principals have been driven to do things differently, and work as business development partners with our clients.

We do whatever it takes.

We crave client challenges. XMC addresses business issues holistically, analyzing everything from consumer trends, sales results and research to product development insights, creative strategy, merchandising and any other relevant data that can make a difference. Clients trust us to marshal resources, rally their ancillary agencies and put their marketing mix to work. Marketers want to do things differently. We’re lean, agile, passionate and hungry to make a difference – now more than ever.

A few other things about us…

We do

LIVE AND BREATHE our clients’ brands and relish the opportunity to create exclusive partnerships.

BELIEVE collaboration and mutual respect are critical to us. We champion team work and will work with anyone and everyone in order to generate the best solutions.

STRIVE to deliver significantly more value than we get paid and stand behind the quality of our ideas, our people, our brand ambassadors and the programs we create and manage in the marketplace.

We don’t

ACCEPT the traditional client/agency relationship. XMC works to become part of the team and develop intellectual property for its clients.

BILL by the hour and we make sure that costs are fully transparent and fixed at the front end of each program.

LAMENT that something is “out of scope” – that’s not how we operate.


We will DELIVER on time, on budget programs that exceed expectations every time.